The US State Department told Iran International that the death of a young Iranian woman in custody of the Islamic Republic’s religious police is “an appalling and egregious affront to human rights.”

Twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini died Friday from a head trauma after her arrest by a hijab enforcement patrol on Tuesday, sparking anger and some protests in the capital Tehran.

“Our thoughts are with Mahsa’s family and loved ones,” a State Department spokesperson said in response to our correspondent. 

“Women in Iran should have the right to wear what they want, free from violence or harassment,” he added, noting that “Iran must end its use of violence against women for exercising their fundamental freedoms.”

“We call on Iran’s leaders to hold accountable those responsible for Mahsa’s death,” he concluded. 

Earlier in the day, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said, “We’re deeply concerned by death of Mahsa Amini who was reportedly beaten in custody by Iran’s morality police. Her death is unforgivable. We’ll continue to hold Iran officials accountable for such human right abuses.”

Her body was transferred to her hometown Saqqez in the Kurdistan province to be buried. A huge crowd gathered at the cemetery, chanting "Death to Dictator" as well as a Kurdish slogan which roughly translates, "Murder Because of Headscarf; How Long Are We Going to Tolerate Such Disaster?"

According to the latest videos published on social media, security forces fired at protesters who gathered in front of the Saqqez governor's office building after her funeral service.

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