Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran national security council

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran national security council

Iran Says Examining US Response On Nuclear Issue Without A Deadline

Thursday, 08/25/2022

Iran will continue its deliberations over the latest US response on the nuclear issue, without any deadlines, Nour News, affiliated with the national security council said Thursday.

The website known for reflecting the views of the Supreme National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani, also asked why the European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has stayed silent about the nature of the US response.

When Iran responded in writing to an EU draft text on August 15, Borell characterized it as “reasonable” earlier this week. Nour News says that the EU diplomat should also say what he thinks of the US response, and whether Washington’s answers are reasonable or not.

US officials have been quoted as saying that the Biden Administration has rejected three Iranian demands.

The website says that Iranian experts are reviewing Washington’s response and Tehran will take the necessary time to carefully weigh everything according to its “red lines.” It added that in this process Iran will not consider any time limitations, in the same way that in the past it ignored deadlines set by the West.

In the end Nour News reiterates Iran’s position that it will accept an agreement that in addition to guaranteeing its legal rights, also ensures Iran’s “peaceful nuclear activities and ends unfounded safeguards issues. The agreement should also secure Iran’s economic interests, in a “trustworthy and guaranteed” manner.

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