Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib (file photo)

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib

Iran’s Intel Minister Warns Against Penning Critical Open Letters

Friday, 08/19/2022

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib has warned critics of government against writing statements and open letters to criticize the current situation in the country.

Khatib made the remarks on Thursday as the Islamic Republic’s security apparatus is increasing pressure on the signatories of a statement against Iran’s crackdown on popular protests, demanding they rescind their signatures.

Informed sources told Iran International Wednesday, August 17, that the Intelligence Ministry as well as the security division of the country’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance have threatened more than 100 film industry figures to withdraw their signatures from a May statement titled “Lay down the gun”. 

Khatib blamed the United Sates for internal opposition, saying the US was forced to leave the region following humiliation and defeat and their conspiracies were thwarted, and now “the enemy’s hopes in some domestic seditionists and statement writers are doomed to failure.”

The statement by filmmakers had called on military and security forces who “have become tools for cracking down on the people,” not to suppress protesters during popular demonstrations in May.

According to reports, under the threat of security forces, about 15 people have so far withdrawn their signatures from the statement.

Iran International’s sources also said that 10 documentary makers have been informed that they are banned from leaving the country and that a list of artists who are banned from working will be announced next week.

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