Following a quarrel between Iranian and Israeli envoys in Azerbaijan, the Israeli diplomat said the Islamic Republic has threatened him with death. 

Israeli ambassador George Deek released a video on Tuesday, saying that Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Abbas Mousavi recently threatened to kill him. 

“He tweeted that I crossed a red line and that I would be buried by the people of Iran,” the Israeli envoy said, adding that “You can imagine my thoughts when I heard that author Salman Rushdie was stabbed before a speech; Iran also said that he had crossed a red line; Iran also threatened him with death. And the terrorist just tried to murder him in broad daylight.”

He added that “As someone who only weeks ago was directly threatened by an Iranian official, I urge you in the strongest possible terms: Take the threats of this murderous regime seriously.” “Don’t let them intimidate you, but do not dismiss them even for a single second.”

He referred to the Iranian threats to kill atheists, activists, and anyone who disagrees with them. “They threaten to spread terrorism throughout the world. They threaten to destroy Israel, democracy, and our freedom. They mean it; just ask Salman Rushdie,” he noted. 

He called on the international community to make sure the attack on Rushdie was the last stabbing in the name of medieval hatred through confronting the Iranian terrorism. 

Earlier on Tuesday, more than 250 Iranian public figures said in a statement that the United States must release details of the alleged ties between Rushdie’s attacker and the Islamic Republic.

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