The prosecutor general of Khuzestan province, Sadegh Jafari-Chegeni (file photo)

The prosecutor general of Khuzestan province, Sadegh Jafari-Chegeni

Several Managers Of State Organizations Arrested Over Embezzlement In Iran


The prosecutor of Ahvaz announced the arrest of the former head of one of the governmental organizations of Khuzestan province as well as a number of managers of oil companies. 

The prosecutor general of Khuzestan province, Sadegh Jafari-Chegeni, said on Saturday that indictments were issued in several embezzlement cases related to the road and urban development ministry and some steel companies among others. 

He added more than 100 indictments have been issued against officials, companies, government or government-affiliated organizations and public institutions since last year.

Jafari-Chegeni also said 16 people have been arrested in connection with the deadly collapse of a high-rise building in May, and other people may face charges following the decisions by the expert taskforce that is investigating the case. 

The Metropol twin towers collapsed on May 23 burying more than 80 people under the rubble, with 42 bodies recovered so far. It is not clear what happened to the other 40 people who went missing, as most of the debris has been removed.

The governor general of Khuzestan province, Sadegh Khalilian, admitted earlier in the month that "corruption" was the underlying reason for the collapse of the building that led to days of protests, adding that "the building was erected on the foundations of corruption and unhealthy relations.”

Last week, Iran’s Martyrs Foundation confirmed several cases of embezzlement in the institution, saying only in one of instances the amount was about $200 million.

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