The commander of Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami

IRGC Chief Praises Tehran Sarallah HQ For Maintaining Security

Monday, 06/20/2022

The commander of Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has praised the role of Sarallah (Sar-Allah) Headquarters in Tehran in Iran’s security, saying it plays a major role in defeating plots by “the enemy”. 

Hossein Salami made the remarks on Monday in a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the order to establish Sarallah HQ, which is officially under the direct command of the IRGC's commander in chief, but he delegates his authority to a deputy commander.

The enemies have realized that the decline in their power originates from this place, and therefore Tehran is where all the enmities and conspiracies against the country converge and thwarted, he said.

Tehran is a city with global influences, whose insightful residents have overcome hardships with the power of faith and tolerance, Salami added.

Considered the most important IRGC ground force, Sarallah is tasked with keeping the capital secure and protecting key institutions and the offices of the government. Its undeclared mission is suppressing dissent and protests as they did heavy-handedly during the popular protests in the past few years. 

Salami’s remarks come while the former de facto commander of the Sarallah HQ, Mohammad Esmail Kosari, who now represents Tehran at the parliament, is pushing to ease the use of firearms by different security forces against civilians amid recurring protests.

"In every country and human society, the security of the security forces and the police is a priority, followed by the security of the society. They have a duty to establish security in society, therefore they need to use firearms to maintain that security," Kosari said on Monday.

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