Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says President Joe Biden has thrown out stability in the Middle East by negotiating to make a new nuclear deal with Iran. 

Pompeo told Fox News on Sunday, "The stability that we had built during our four years has now just been squandered and thrown away. They’re putting us all at risk."

While the Biden administration is hoping to “appease” Iran, it is possible that the Iranians could shut down the Strait of Hormuz and drive energy prices even higher, he said while enumerating challenges currently facing the administration ahead of Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which is reportedly aimed at reducing skyrocketing gas prices and confront Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Pompeo criticized Biden’s energy policy to fill the need for more oil and gas in the market from foreign sources, saying that instead of energy producers within the US, “they started with the Iranians and the Venezuelans and now have moved to the Saudis.” “American energy is the right place to start”, he added

"When you side with the Iranians, when you side with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, against Israel, and against Saudi Arabia, and against the Emirates, the leaders of those countries no longer have confidence in the United States, and the chance that they’re going to do a solid for Joe Biden is exceedingly low," he said.

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