The obituary of RGC Aerospace Force officer First Lieutenant Vahab Faramarzian (June 2022)

The obituary of RGC Aerospace Force officer First Lieutenant Vahab Faramarzian

Another IRGC Aerospace Force Officer Reportedly Killed In Iran


Less than a week after Iran announced the death of two IRGC Aerospace Force officers under mysterious circumstances, another officer of the unit died, unconfirmed reports say. 

The officer was identified as Vahab Faramarzian and reportedly died in Maragheh in East Azarbaijan province. 

According to photos of his obituary published on some secondary websites, his funeral service was held on Thursday in the village of Qartavol, near Maragheh. 

The Revolutionary Guard has yet to comment on his death. 

Iran International quoted an informed source as saying on Monday that the two IRGC Aerospace Force officers whose deaths were announced Sunday were engaged in "developing arms for Lebanon's Hezbollah,” adding that Ali Kamani and Mohammad Abdus, both Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace engineers, "were not killed in accidents" as the Islamic Republic claimed.

The two died in separate incidents in two different locations, but the source did not provide further details about the circumstances of their deaths. What was clear from the information received is that the two officers did not die as a result of a car or work place accident.

Iranian media first announced that Kamani died in a “car accident in line of duty” in Khomein, in central Iran, before news came that another aerospace Force officer had also died in the province of Semnan "on line of duty". 

A series of other killings and deaths among IRGC ranks in Iran in recent weeks has led to suspicion that they might have been targets of a secret series of operations, purportedly by Israel’s Mossad.

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