Protesters in Iran confronting a throng of security forces

Actors, Filmmakers Pressured Not To Support Iran Protests

Tuesday, 05/31/2022

Security forces in Iran have increased pressure on Iranian filmmakers who issued a statement in support of popular protests urging security forces to exercise restraint.

Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof said on Tuesday that the signatories of the statement – headlined ‘Lay Down Your Arms’ -- have been threatened and intimidated by the Islamic Republic authorities to rescind their signatures.

"They think cinema is their barracks where they can use militarism to silence the artists' protest against violence,” he said.

In their open letter published on Sunday, a large group of film makers and actors called on security forces responsible for suppressing protests to lay down their weapons. Citizens have been demonstrating since last week against the rulers of the clerical regime.

Without directly mentioning the statement, the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance warned Monday night, “We will punish those who seek to stand in the way of IRGC and guardians of Iran’s security by releasing worthless statements and delusional remarks.”

In reaction to the letter, Cinema Press website, with links to the security apparatus, quoted an “informed source” as saying that anyone who incites armed forces to rebel, flee, or surrender will face from six months to 10 years of prison.

The ongoing protests began when a 10-story building collapsed in Abadan, in the oil-rich Khuzestan province May 23, leaving 36 people dead while dozens are still missing.

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