Spectators in Tehran's Azadi soccer stadium unfurling a banner in support of Abadan. May 30, 2022

Spectators in Tehran's Azadi soccer stadium unfurling a banner in support of Abadan protests on Monday

People In Tehran Stadium Chant Slogans In Support Of Abadan Protests


People who gathered at Tehran’s Azadi stadium to celebrate the championship of Esteghlal football club on Monday chanted slogans in support of Abadan protests.

The Monday match between Esteghlal and Naft Masjed Soleyman FC ended in a goalless draw, but it was more than enough for Tehran’s Blues to clinch the championship of the current season of Iran’s Premier League.

During the match as well as during the celebrations after the match, spectators were heard chanting slogans in solidarity with the people of Abadan, who have been holding protests since last Monday following the collapse of a 10-story building that left 33 people dead and about 30 missing. It quickly became apparent that the owner and builder was a well-connected businessman who had disregarded regulations and building codes, being backed by officials, who might have had their own financial interests.

Videos surfaced on social media on Monday showing a large group of people from Khorramshahr, another city in Iran’s oil-rich Khuzestan province, marching towards Abadan to support the popular protests there.

In previous days, there were protests in several cities in Khuzestan, such as Andimeshk and Masjed Soleiman, where people gathered to voice their support for protesters in Abadan, where grief for the victims and anti-government outrage have fused into a potent anger.

Amid the tense situation in the city Sunday night, Arab tribal groups began streaming into Abadan and warned the security forces that if they shot the people, tribes would resort to weapons to defend them.

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