Republican Senator Todd Young. FILE

Republican Senator Todd Young

A Deal With Iran Will Only Last Until Next President - Rep. Senator


Republican Senator Todd Young has told Iran International that even if the Biden administration manages to restore the nuclear deal with Iran, it will only last until the next president takes office.

“If a deal is cut with this terrorist regime, I want the regime to know that it's highly unlikely that that deal would be honored by a future administration”, he told Iran International’s correspondent Arash Alaei.

He also criticized the current negotiations between Tehran and Washington, saying that “the Iranians refused to back down in their unlawful activities and in their terrorist policies”.

Young also called on Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei “to change his activities, particularly his resourcing of terrorists, which has led to the deaths of hundreds of Americans, his continued engagement in unlawful nuclear activities, and his stubborn desire to develop more sophisticated missile technology that can export this regime's terror strategy to even further geographies”.

Iran's foreign minister stressed on Tuesday that Tehran and Washington are still exchanging messages through the European Union despite the halt in Vienna talks.

On Monday, the United States reiterated that it still believes a return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) is in its interest, and it continues to pursue the diplomatic path.

Opposition among US lawmakers to a deal restoring JCPOA has gorwn in the past two months.

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