Ambassador Tom Nides, US envoy to Israel. FILE PHOTO

Ambassador Tom Nides, US envoy to Israel

Israel Won’t Face Any US Restrictions If It Acts Against Iran - Ambassador


The US envoy to Israel says the country can do whatever it needs against Iran and would not face any restrictions from US regardless of the result of nuclear talks.

Ambassador Tom Nides told Israel’s Channel 12 news on Thursday, “Israel can do and take all the steps it needs to take to protect the state of Israel”.

He added that “If we have a deal, the Israelis’ hands are not tied. If we don’t have a deal, the Israelis’ hands are certainly not tied”, noting that “We’re not going to tell the government what to do”.

About briefing Israel on the latest developments of the Vienna nuclear talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the ambassador pointed out, “The Israelis know very clearly exactly what is going on. I’m not suggesting they necessarily like it always, but there are no secrets here”.

During a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said, "We have disagreements about a nuclear agreement and its consequences, but open and honest dialogue is part of the strength of our friendship. Israel and the United States will continue to work together to prevent a nuclear Iran”.

There are media reports that an air defense pact between Israel and friendly regional countries is in the works to confront threats posed by Iranian drones and missiles.

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