Teachers protesting in Yazd, Iran on January 31, 2022

Government Warns Teachers in Iran Against Holding More Protests

Thursday, 02/10/2022

Iran’s education ministry has issued warnings to intimidate teachers and prevent them from participating in protests held regularly to demand higher pay.

The spokesman of teachers’ trade associations, which has organized several rounds of nationwide demonstrations, said on Thursday that the new directives are aimed at creating panic among the teachers, so they won’t hold more protests.

Mohammad Habibi revealed some copies of documents in his twitter account, saying that instead of responding to teachers' legitimate demands, education ministry officials have issued directives to school principals asking them to make sure that teachers are warned that attending rallies and sit-ins is against the law and they will face consequences if they take part in protests.

Teachers have planned to hold another round of protests and sit-ins from February 12 to 17 in many cities across the country.

During the latest round of the protests, teachers in 300 cities, town, and villages took part in the protests, and at least seven were arrested.

People from different walks of life, including nurses, firefighters, and even staff members of the judiciary department and prison guards, have held regular protest rallies or strikesto demand higher salaries.

Food prices have risen by more than 60 percent in recent months, on top of high inflation in the previous three years, while the government is unable to sufficiently boost wages as United States’ sanctions impede full capacity oil exports and international trade.

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