Weapons seized by US Navy in December, said to have originated from Iran. December 2021

Weapons seized by US Navy in December, said to have originated from Iran.

Iran Smuggles Weapons To Yemen, Somalia From Its Southern Port - WSJ


Thousands of weapons destined for the Houthi rebels in Yemen and seized by the US originated from an Iranian port, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

WSJ that had access to a reportby United Nations experts said that Jask port on the Sea of Oman was used by Iran to ship the weapons on small wooden ships. The United States believes these vessels manage somehow to deliver their cargoes to the Houthis under blockade by Saudi Arabia, and also to Somalia.

The United States has made a few seizures on the high seas, each including thousands of small arms and equipment made in China, Iran, Russia, Belarus and elsewhere. In December the US stopped a vessel and seized 1,400 AK-47 assault rifles and 226,600 rounds of ammunition.

The news comes as the United States and other world power are engaged in nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna. Regional countries have been insisting that any new agreement with Iran should include limits to its disruptive regional activities.

The Biden Administration, although acknowledging Iran’s “malign behavior”, believes it must first reach a nuclear agreement in exchange for lifting sanctions. Critics say that once Iran is free to sell its oil and get the desperately needed foreign currencies, it will never make concessions on other issues.

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