Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor.

Deadline Set 'Behind Closed Doors' For Iran Nuclear Talks

Wednesday, 12/22/2021

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says the United States and other world powers have set a deadline "within weeks" for fruition of Iran nuclear talks.

Following high-level talks with Israeli officials in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Sullivan told Haaretz that Washington and others have not publicly put a date on the calendar “but behind closed doors, there is a deadline, and it is not far away.”
The US official said that in the coming weeks, participants in the Vienna talks will find out "whether Iran is ready for the diplomatic solution."

Meanwhile, Axios quoted two unnamed Israeli officials as saying that Sullivan made it clear that the window for further talks in Vienna could close by the end of January or the beginning of February.
Israeli officials who attended meetings in Jerusalem with the national security adviser said they are reassured that Washington is ready to take a harder line on Iran if necessary, while taking Israel’s views into account.
Sullivan said he had been sent to Israel by President Joe Biden "because at a critical juncture for both our countries on a major set of security issues, it's important that we sit together and develop a common strategy, a common outlook".

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