Iran's chief negotiator Bagheri with EUs Mora in Terhan.

Iran's chief negotiator Bagheri with EUs Mora in Terhan.

Iran Says Europeans Can Also Propose Own Drafts In Nuclear Talks


The top Iranian negotiator told state media Friday European sides can propose their own drafts for discussion, after they expressed dismay over Iran's demands at nuclear talks.

"There is no problem if the Europeans also provide drafts, and they can be discussed, but they must be based on principles approved by both sides," Ali Bagheri Kani, a deputy foreign minister, said according to the state broadcaster IRIB, before leaving Vienna.

Some European negotiators have reportedly said that what is included in Iran’s documents is nothing more than what had been agreed but not finalized five months ago. They added that Iran has still not answered some of the questions pending since the end of the first six rounds of talks in June.

Indirect US-Iranian talks on salvaging the 2015 Iran nuclear deal teetered on the brink of crisis on Friday as they broke off until next week.

US Secretary of State had said that by the conclusion of today’s meetings it should be clear if Iran is serious in the new round of talks.

CNN State Department correspondent Jennifer Hansler tweeted Friday that a State Department spokesman criticized Iran’s approach to the latest round of talks telling CNN that President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration “did not come to Vienna with constructive proposals.”

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