An underground Iranian missile base near the Persian Gulf. Undated

An underground Iranian missile base near the Persian Gulf. Undated

Unnamed Israeli Official Says A 'Large Attack Plan' Needed To Stop Iran


An unnamed Israeli official has said that the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist last year did not slow down Tehran’s atomic program and more needs to be done.

Israel’s Channel 12 television quoted the official Tuesday as having said that Iran is closest to a nuclear weapon than it has ever been so far and Israel needs to push for a stronger international agreement with Iran, at the same time preparing a military option.

The unnamed official maintained that “there is a huge global Israeli effort — both publicly and behind the scenes — to push for an upgraded agreement as well as simultaneously building a large and significant attack plan.”

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, known as one of the key figures in Iran’s nuclear program from its early days more than two decades ago, was shot dead in science fiction style in Tehran in November 2020. The sophisticated attack using an automated, remote controlled heavy gun mounted in a van, was largely attributed to Israel.

As the Biden Administration is pushing for reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement, Iran has made considerable advances in its nuclear program, unnerving Israel that believes the old agreement, the JCPOA, is already past its expiration date.

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