Earthquake in southern Iran. November 14, 2021

Magnitude 5 Aftershock Hits Southern Iran Following Sunday Tremor

Monday, 11/15/2021

A magnitude 5 aftershock shook Iran’s southern Bandar Abbas region on the Hormuz Straits Monday at 17:06 local time following two strong tremors on Sunday.

The Sunday earthquakes within a minute of each other was described as strong at around 6.4 magnitude and was felt across the Persian Gulf in Dubai, but surprisingly did not have a high human toll.

One person was reported killed and more than hundred injured.

Damage to residential buildings was reported to be around $20 million, but in Iranian currency it is a relatively large sum of money. Initial reports say 2,100 building units were damaged.

Vice President Mohammad Mokhber visited the region on Monday to assess damage and supervise plans for a government response and reconstruction. Most people spent the night outdoors, but the region has a warm climate compared with northern parts of the country.

Landslides in surrounding mountains closed off roads that rescue teams are working to reopen.

According to Mansur Arami, a member of parliament representing the region, most villages suffer from poverty due to a severe drought. He requested more government aid for the population.

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