Nosrat Beheshti, civic activist sentenced to a 5-year prison term in Iran. FILE

Woman Asking For Khamenei's Resignation Sentenced To Five Years


A court in Iran has sentenced a retired female teacher who had signed a letter demanding Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s resignation to a five-year prison term.

Nosrat Beheshti, who is also a civic and labor activist along with 13 other women activists published a letter in August 2019 calling on Khamenei to step down. Most were detained later, and some sentenced to long prison terms. Prior to that, 14 men had also issued a letter making the same demand, most of whom were later detained.

The Intelligence Ministry arrested Beheshti in July this year and she has remained in detention. A "Revolutionary Court" in Mashhad issued her sentence.

Prosecutors accused her of “Propaganda against the regime” and “Activities against national security”. She has also been accused of “Marxist propaganda in classrooms” while she retired eight years ago.

While Khamenei in the past has insisted that citizens can criticize him, the slightest remark can land journalists or ordinary people in jail. Typical charges include propaganda against the regime or insulting the Supreme Leader.

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