Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's interior minister in military uniform. FILE PHOTO

Iran's Interior Minister Defends Appointment Of Generals As Governors

Monday, 11/08/2021

Iran’s interior minister has defended the appointment of Revolutionary Guard commanders as civilian governors, insisting that the policy has popular backing.

Ahmad Vahidi, himself an Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) general, speaking in the religious city of Qom on Monday said when military leaders are willing to serve in civilian posts, and people welcome the move it can only benefit citizens.

There has been a lot of criticism in Iranian social media as President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration has appointed several IRGC generals to be provincial governors. The move is seen as an attempt to consolidate more power by the Guards who already have vast influence over the economy and politics of the country.

Vahidi also said that the world is waiting for Qom, the Shiite religious center of Iran, to rescue it from “the calamities brought about by the ignorance of Western civilization.” He added, “Western civilization led by America, Zionists and their allies are equipping terrorists all over the world and bombing people in Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere.”

The general’s comments come as in the past four years more Iranians have openly turned against the clerical government, coming into streets to protest and demanding a secular political system.

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