Iranian Hackers Attack And Disable An Israeli Internet Company


Iranian hackers have attacked an Israeli data and internet company, five days after an apparent cyberattack disabled a payment system in Iran’s gas stations.

A hackers' group called Black Shadow announced on social media that they have seized a large trove of data from the company and its clients and asked them to pay a ransom if they do not want publication of the information.

The Jerusalem Post confirmedthat websites serviced by Cyberserve internet company are down as it refused an initial demand to pay ransom. The newspaper said that the group had attacked other Israeli companies in the past.

Around noon time on Tuesday, more than 4,000 gas stations in Iran experienced disruption of a payment system for cheaper, rationed gasoline that every Iranian has uses to receive a limited amount of cheap fuel every month. The disruption has been mostly resolved after three days, but Iran has not officially accused Israel, which in the past has targeted Iran with cyberattacks.

The latest attack by the Iranian group could be an attempt to show that Iran can respond to cyberattacks as the large-scale disruption at gas stations has hurt its image domestically.

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