A foreign ministry official in Iran has criticized Russia’s “weak management” of the Afghan conference in Moscow on Wednesday, saying no consensus was reached.

Rasul Mousavi, general director of the ministry’s West Asia desk also complained that what was issued as a joint statement on the Russian foreign ministry’s website was not reflecting the collective view of the participants.

The conference also included representatives from the Taliban, Pakistan, China, India and Central Asian countries. After the meeting ended in Moscow, Mousavi tweeted that despite no results after “serious discussion over regional cooperation for peace, stability and security in Afghanistan” the meeting ended.

In a rare rebuke to Russia, the Iranian diplomat said that what was issued after the conference was not a joint statement.

Following his remarks, the Russian embassy in Tehran published the statement that says participating countries agree to cooperate with the Taliban to promote regional stability and demanded that the new rulers in Afghanistan respect the rights of women, children and minority ethnic and religious groups.

Mousavi responded by saying that the statement was not read at the meeting and agreed upon.

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Chand Chand
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