Israel's military chief on Tuesday vowed to step up actions, including covert operations, against Iran and its nuclear program.

Speaking in Tel Aviv, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi said Israel and its intelligence community "is working against Iranian regional entrenchment throughout the Middle East."
"Operations to destroy Iranian capabilities will continue - in various arenas and at any time," he said during a ceremony in which the army appointed Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva as its new intelligence chief.
"The operational plans against Iran's nuclear program will continue to evolve and improve," he added. "Whatever developments there may be, it is our duty to provide an effective and timely military response."
Israel considers Iran its greatest threat, citing its military presence in neighboring Syria, its support for hostile militant groups and its development of long-range missiles capable of striking Israel.
Israel accuses Iran of trying to develop a nuclear bomb — a charge Iran denies — and has vowed to prevent that from happening.
Israel has been suspected in a string of attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists and facilities over the past decade, but does not confirm or deny involvement.

Report by AP

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