About Us

Our Mission

To be a window into Iran from the world, and a window from Iran to the world outside.

To provide a fair and balanced view of what happens inside Iran - and also to share news and views from all over the world for an Iranian population which needs a perspective on the world outside Iran's borders.

Our Promise

To serve and connect the 80 million people who live in Iran and the 10 million Iranians living outside the country - with bureaux around the world, co-ordinated from our state-of-the-art broadcast facilities in London.

To provide balanced, and impartial news, about all for all Iranians, including all voices from across the political, social and business sectors inside Iran and around the world.

Our editorial guidelines are a clear charter with our audience and they can be seen here

To provide 24/7 news and current affairs delivered via satellite and terrestrial TV, social media, web and Video-on-Demand, streamed live here.

About Us

Iran International launched in May 2017. Its mix of rolling news, current affairs and documentaries, sport, lifestyle, health and technology, programmed to attract a wide audience, especially younger people.

Iran International is a privately-owned UK entity: the first of a family of channels aiming eventually to target other communities and other languages.

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Middle East

  • Eutelsat E7B Satellite at 7°E
    • Transponder: C5
    • High Definition
    • Frequency: 11,304 MHz
    • Polarity: Horizontal
    • SR: 29,700
    • FEC: 2/3
  • Eutelsat E7A Satellite at 7°E
    • Transponder: C1
    • Standard Definition
    • Frequency: 11,221 MHz
    • Polarity: Horizontal
    • SR: 27,500
    • FEC: 3/4

Europe and Middle East

  • Eutelsat HB13C Satellite at 13°E
    • Transponder: 9
    • High Definition
    • Frequency: 11,373 MHz
    • Polarity: Horizontal
    • SR: 27,500
    • FEC: ¾

UK and Ireland

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  • Yahlive at 52.5°E
    • Transponder: 15
    • Available in High Definition and Standard Definition
    • Frequency: 11,996 MHz
    • Polarity: Vertical
    • SR: 27,500
    • FEC: 5/6

North Africa and Middle East

  • Arabsat Badr-6 at 26°E
    • Transponder: 4
    • High Definition
    • frequency: 11,785 MHz
    • Polarity: Vertical
    • SR: 27,500
    • FEC: 3/4


You can watch Iran International here: https://iranintl.com/live

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