Parade at funeral procession of Mohammad-Ali Ale-Hashem, the Friday Imam of Tabriz on May 22, 2024.

Chaos at Funeral of Raisi Delegate Highlights Disarray in Iranian Military

Thursday, 05/23/2024

A recently released video from the funeral procession of Mohammad-Ali Ale-Hashem, the Friday Imam of Tabriz who died in the helicopter crash which killed President Ebrahim Raisi, showcased disorder within the ranks of the Iranian army.

The footage from the event, which took place on Wednesday morning in Tabriz, was one of a series of events this week which has revealed the military's incompetencies as they struggled to maintain formation while carrying Ale-Hashem's coffin to the cemetery where he was buried.

The video has ignited a firestorm of controversy and mockery online, with many users critiquing the Islamic Republic for its inability to manage a straightforward military parade, despite its frequent displays of military prowess.

Adding to the embarrassment, during a live broadcast of a separate funeral held in Tehran for Ebrahim Raisi and his companions on Wednesday, another mishap occurred when an Iranian Army honor guard accidentally ripped his pants while carrying the coffin of Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdolahian, who also died in the crash.

One social media user sarcastically suggested that former Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif might blame the low-quality pants on sanctions after Zarif pointed fingers at American sanctions for impacting Iran's aviation capabilities, attributing the helicopter crash to the United States.

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