Mount Taftan volcanic activity

Unprecedented Volcanic Activity Observed at Iran’s Mount Taftan

Sunday, 05/19/2024

Mount Taftan, an active stratovolcano located in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province, has shown increased volcanic activity with visible smoke and ash emissions from its crater.

Local reports confirm that the phenomena can be seen as far away as the city of Khash.

The increase in activity follows historical patterns, although the current level is notably higher than in previous years.

The residents of Khash have consequently suffered health issues from the natural phenomenon, including hospitalizations due to allergic reactions triggered by the unpleasant sulfur smells emanating from the volcano during periods of activity.

Alireza Shahnavazan, the governor of Taftan, discussed the seasonal trends of the volcano earlier this year, noting, "Almost every year, following snowfall and rain in the Taftan area, we witness steam escaping from the peak of the Taftan volcano."

Mount Taftan rises approximately 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level, making it the tallest mountain in southeastern Iran. The region around Taftan is geothermally active, characterized by numerous hot springs, indicative of ongoing subterranean activities.

The volcano forms part of a volcanic arc that includes Bazman in Iran and Koh-i-Sultan in Pakistan, originating from the subduction of the Arabian plate beneath Iran at the Makran trench.

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