Exiled prince Reza Pahlavi

Exiled Iranian Prince Calls For Action To Topple Regime Amid Iran-Israel Tensions

Monday, 04/15/2024

In a public statement on X, Iran's exile prince Reza Pahlavi urged collective action to topple the Islamic Republic amidst escalating tensions between Iran and Israel.

In his statement, Pahlavi firmly delineated the separation between the regime's ambitions and the desires of the Iranian people, emphasizing solidarity with the people who suffer the repercussions of the “oppressive” policies of the Islamic Republic apparatus.

"The war of Khamenei and his Guards with Israel is not the Iranian nation’s war. But it is you, burdened by economic problems and psychological pressures of a regime that has used Iranians as human shields for the past 45 years, that will bear the cost….”

Pahlavi further added that the fates of Iranians and Israelis have become intricately linked, with both nations yearning for peace obstructed by a mutual adversary: the Islamic Republic.

He highlighted that "the attack against Israel coincided with a new round of attacks on Iranian women," pointing to the new initiative by the police in Iran to enforce mandatory hijab regulations and crackdown on women intensifying.

Addressing the military in his statement, he implored them to rethink their allegiance and stand in solidarity with the Iranian people.

He further called on the Iranian diaspora to "urge the governments in the nations in which we live to cease appeasing Khamenei's regime and instead support the people of Iran.".

Central to Pahlavi's narrative is the imperative need for regime change, advocating for “the establishment of a national, secular, and democratic government", echoing the voices of the Iranian people and the ever-growing momentum behind the anti-government movement inside Iran.

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