Iran’s Defense Minister Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani

Iran Enhances Security On Afghan Borders

Monday, 04/01/2024

Iran’s Defense Minister claims that Iran is boosting the security on eastern borders with the deployment of advanced cameras, helicopters, and drones amid security threats from terror group ISIS.

Speaking to state news agency ISNA, Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani said, “In this plan, it's not just about building walls; rather, in border regions, we have various programs that include creating obstacles, using modern equipment and advanced cameras, helicopters, drones, UAVs, and telecommunications and armaments facilities. Equipment and training for border forces are also important, and all of these together ensure the security of the borders.”

Iran faces significant security concerns, particularly along its border with Afghanistan, stemming from the presence and activities of terrorist groups like ISIS. The porous nature of the Afghan border, combined with the ongoing instability and conflict in Afghanistan, poses a direct threat to Iran.

ISIS, in particular, has been a major concern. The extremist ideology and violent tactics employed by ISIS militants have raised fears of potential infiltration into Iranian territory and the spread of radicalization among vulnerable populations, including Afghan refugees residing in Iran.

Iran has experienced sporadic incidents of violence and terrorist attacks attributed to ISIS such as a double bombing in January in Kerman which killed around 100 people.

Iran's fear of ISIS along its Afghan border reflects the broader security concerns it faces in a volatile region. However, Iran itself has been accused of providing support to groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and certain factions within Iraq and Yemen.

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