Iran's exiled queen, Farah Pahlavi

Iran's Exiled Queen Calls For Freedom Of Iranian Women

Friday, 03/08/2024

In a statement on International Women's Day, exiled queen, Farah Pahlavi, praised the resilience of Iranian women in the face of adversity and called for liberty for all Iranian women.

Celebrating the role of women throughout history in advancing the world and human goals, she highlighted the contributions of Iranian women. She praised the resilience of Iranian women, noting that they have "with hard work and perseverance endured the hardships of life and time."

She noted that Iran has a long history of strong and independent women, from queens in ancient and medieval periods to courageous mythological women in the country's cultural heritage, and renowned poets like Forough Farrokhzad (1934-1967) and Simin Behbahani (1927-2014).

Pahlavi's statement comes at a time when Iran is facing serious human rights issues with women disproportionately affected.

Pahlavi then turned to the present day, noting that Iranian women both inside and outside the country continue to fight for freedom and progress. She expressed her hope for freedom and liberation for all Iranian women, saying that "light will ultimately triumph over darkness."

In 2022, Iranians revolted against the Islamic Republic regime after the country’s hijab police killed 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Her death in police custody ignited the boldest uprising against the clerical regime since its establishment in 1979. The nationwide protests came to be known as the Women, Life, Freedom movement.

The regime cracked down on the popular protests, killing around 550 people and arresting over 20,000. To intimidate people against further protests, the regime has taken a wide range of measures including executing several protesters while there are many more who face death sentences on trumped-up charges.

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