A woman walks after the morality police shut down in a street in Tehran, Iran December 6, 2022.

Amnesty International Slams Iran's Hijab Crackdown Ahead Of Women's Day

Wednesday, 03/06/2024

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Amnesty International once more condemned Iranian authorities for its crackdown enforcing compulsory hijab laws.

Amnesty International Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Diana Eltahawy, said, "Iran’s authorities are terrorizing women and girls by subjecting them to constant surveillance and policing, disrupting their daily lives and causing them immense mental distress. Their draconian tactics span from stopping women drivers on the road…to imposing inhumane flogging and prison sentences."

According to testimonies collected by Amnesty International, tens of thousands of women have had their cars confiscated arbitrarily, while others have faced prosecution, flogging, imprisonment, fines, or forced attendance of "morality" classes for defying hijab laws.

Furthermore, unjust prosecutions and sentencing are rampant, with women and girls facing legal action for appearing without headscarves or wearing "inappropriate" hijab. Prosecution orders often mandate participation in morality classes or impose fines.

The aftermath of Mahsa Amini's death in police custody in September 2022 has posed significant challenges for the clerical regime in enforcing the mandatory Islamic dress code. The emergence of the 'Women, Life, Freedom' movement has emboldened tens of thousands of girls and women to discard their compulsory hijab. In spite of banning unveiled women from the likes of public places, workplaces and education, the rebellion has left the regime with an existential crisis on an epic scale.

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