Iranians Turn To Eggs As Main Protein Source Amid Soaring Meat Prices

Monday, 03/04/2024

In the face of skyrocketing prices for red and white meat, Iranians are increasingly relying on eggs as their primary source of protein.

The cost of household consumption basket has surged to 300 million rials (approximately $500 =) in major cities, making it difficult for people to afford meat products.The price of boneless mutton has reached 9,000,000 rials or about $15 per kilogram. With the minimum monthly salary barely exceeding $150 to $200 per month, many Iranian workers find themselves unable to afford any meat at all.

According to a report by the ILNA news agency, the removal of meat from many household tables has led to eggs becoming the sole protein option for families across the country. The shift reflects the reality of economic challenges faced by Iranians, with meat becoming a luxury beyond reach for many.

The elimination of meat from the diets of many households has resulted in eggs becoming the primary source of protein for families throughout the country, with meat being considered an unaffordable luxury.

Adding to the economic strain, Iran's currency, the rial, on Monday hit an all-time low of 606,000 against the US dollar. The depreciation has further exacerbated the affordability crisis for meat products.

Additionally, the decline in the value of the national currency has led to a surge in fish exports, as it has become more profitable for producers. Consequently, domestic availability of fish has dwindled, exacerbating the protein shortage for consumers.

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