A view from the Qom Seminary

Iranian Seminary Scholars Say Elections Lost Meaning

Thursday, 02/22/2024

The Assembly of Qom Seminary Scholars and Researchers of Iran has claimed "the elections have lost their meaning" in the country on the eve of the upcoming polls in the country.

The group also announced its decision to abstain from providing a list for the introduction of candidates for the Assembly of Experts and the parliament.

The proclamation comes in the wake of a recent round of elections marked by what the organization describes as a “narrow-minded approach leading to broader restrictions, leaving many citizens disheartened and disillusioned, ultimately turning them away from the ballot boxes.”

The Assembly highlighted the significant decline in voter participation in several recent elections, the government continually narrowing the field of choice for the electorate.

The Assembly branded the government ineffective amid mass discontent, pointing out that “the capabilities of electoral, legislative, and executive institutions have been restricted, rendering people's choices ineffective.”

The organization called for “a restoration of meritocracy in governance, urging rulers to abandon the current mode of governance to restore confidence in the electoral process and encourage greater participation among citizens.”

Meanwhile, various political groups, including the Reform Front, comprising more than two dozen reformist parties, have declared their refusal to participate in the upcoming elections, citing concerns about its lack of competitiveness and fairness.

The upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections, scheduled for March 1, are anticipated to witness historically low voter turnout, reflecting a crisis of legitimacy for the Islamic Republic.

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