A mural in Tehran's Palestine Square (February 2024)

New Tehran Mural Threatens Israel's Destruction

Sunday, 02/18/2024

Iran's authorities have unveiled a new mural in Tehran's Palestine Square, featuring threats directed at Israel amidst a regional proxy war flamed by the regime.

The mural, adorned with images of missiles and phrases in Persian and Hebrew, sends a message: "We are stronger and more determined than ever", amidst a proxy war which since October has seen Iran's militias across the region launch attacks on both Israel and its ally, the US.

Iran-backed Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, and since Israel's relentless retaliation which has blitzed Gaza, proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen have joined in solidarity with the Palestinian militia.

The latest unveiling in Tehran follows a similar display last month, accompanied by a stern warning of a "severe response", referring to the bombardment of Gaza. The actions echo the Islamic Republic's long standing anti-West, anti-Israel ideology, rooted in decades of propaganda dating back to its establishment in 1979.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's 2015 declaration that "Israel must be destroyed in 25 years" reflects the regime's unwavering commitment to the goal. Despite widespread mockery from Iranians, the regime persists in its rhetoric, justifying vast support for militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

However, the effectiveness of the propaganda appears to be waning, as many Iranians now express opposition to the government's stance. The sentiment is particularly evident in the ongoing Gaza conflict, where Iranians are openly supporting Israel and rejecting the regime's narratives.

The shift in public opinion reflects growing concerns about the potential consequences of Iran's aggressive stance towards Israel, including the possibility of a deadly conflict entangling the region.

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