Iranian taxi drivers splash water on themselves to cool down during the heat surge in Tehran, August 2, 2023.

Iran Faces Extreme Temperature Rises

Sunday, 02/18/2024

The head of Iran’s Meteorological Organization has issued a warning about the unprecedented temperature increases expected in the country.

Sahar Tajbakhsh said, "this year the country has experienced the hottest November-December in the past 33 years."

Tajbakhsh further highlighted that "the temperature in some of the country's meteorological stations, such as Parsabad in the northwestern region, has reached about 20 degrees Celsius," describing it as "a very strange record for the country."

While the global temperature rise due to climate change has become a crisis worldwide, its rapid and intense impact in regions like Iran has led to drought and water stress.

The Meteorological Organization recently reported that the total precipitation in Iran from the beginning of the hydrological year (October) until February 8th has been below the long-term average for the period.

This situation is occurring despite several periods of widespread snow and rain in vast areas of Iran, which had raised hopes for a reduction in the water crisis among the general public.

However, according to the National Water and Wastewater Company, as of January 23, 339 cities in Iran are experiencing water shortages, indicating an increase compared to last year.

According to reports, over the past seven years, one-fourth of Iran's farmers have been deprived of their livelihoods, primarily as a result of water scarcity. 

The consequences of the drought reach beyond economic realms, with soil erosion, desertification, and dust storms impacting nearly half of Iran's population.

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