Firefighters put out a fire at a hospital in Tehran, Iran January 25, 2024.

Fire Department Warns Of 18,000 High-Risk Buildings In Tehran

Thursday, 02/08/2024

Tehran's Fire Department warned there are 18,000 “high-risk” buildings in the city, demanding the step-by-step implementation of safety measures for high-risk buildings.

“The existence of a significant number of unsafe buildings in Tehran and also the occurrence of such incidents as Plasco and Gandhi Hospital have raised concerns,” Jalal Maleki said.

The Plasco Building was a 20-story high-rise that collapsed in January 2017 after it caught fire. Twenty firefighters were reportedly killed and at least 70 others were injured by the collapse.

Last month, a huge fire broke out at the Gandhi Hospital in Tehran, which followed a warning from the Crisis Prevention and Management Organization of Tehran’s Municipality in December that the city does not have adequate infrastructure and safety measures in place for hospitals. And last June, five buildings that were under construction collapsed in southern Tehran, killing at least three people and injuring more than 10 others.

The new safety plan is intended to reduce the financial pressure on building owners and avoid business closures, but in the last two years, many have faced legal proceedings after lack of compliance with new measures.

After two warnings and a few months' deadline, further legal measures will be implemented, Maleki said.

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