A destroyed building is pictured at the site of a US airstrike in al-Qaim, Iraq February 3, 2024.

US Strikes Against Iran-Backed Militias Fail To Target Iranian Forces

Sunday, 02/04/2024

Despite ongoing US strikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria, no Iranian personnel have been reported killed thus far, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The strikes, initiated after a drone attack in Jordan on January 28 that resulted in the deaths of three US troops and injuries to over 40 others, have yet to directly target Iranian forces.

The recent attacks in western Iraq near the Syrian border resulted in the deaths of 16 Iraqis with an additional 25 people wounded. Telegram channels affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards shared images of 10 Iraqi militiamen purportedly killed in the strikes.

Amid Washington's publicized intentions to target Iranian allies in the region, Tehran seems to have had time to prepare and relocate its personnel, avoiding significant casualties among senior Revolutionary Guard members.

“As long as US strikes in Iraq and Syria avoid killing senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel, Tehran is unlikely to respond in kind,” added the report.

Some commanders in eastern Syria have reportedly moved to safe houses in densely populated areas or to southern regions where they can blend in with Syrian and Russian military forces.

Meanwhile, in Yemen, approximately 50 advisers from Iran's Guards and Hezbollah have relocated from coastal areas, where they were involved in missile and drone attacks on ships, to San'a, the de facto capital of the Houthi rebels.

While the US strikes may lead to a temporary decrease in attacks from Iran-backed militias, groups such as Yemen's Houthis and some Iranian proxies in Iraq have vowed to continue their activities until Israel ceases its operations in Gaza.

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