Houthi fighters seen on January 24, 2024

Houthi Official Vows Solidarity With Militant Groups in Iraq, Syria

Saturday, 02/03/2024

In response to US attacks in Iraq and Syria overnight on February 2-3, a high-ranking Houthi official said the group will stand by “resistance movements” in the region.

“We reaffirm our support for and solidarity with resistance movements in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and the region,” IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency quoted Ali al-Qahoum, a member of Yemeni Houthis’ politburo, as saying.

Hotuhis, who receive extensive assistance from Iran, are part of Tehran's web of armed groups throughout the region.

On Friday night, the United States hit about 85 targets linked to IRGC Quds Force and affiliated militia groups in Iraq and Syria.

The strikes were carried out in response to an attack on January 28 by Iran-backed militants against a US base in Jordan which claimed the lives of three American soldiers and left more than 40 injured.

So far, there has been no reaction from Iranian officials to US strikes. However, in what can be interpreted as an indirect reaction, IRNA, the Iranian state news agency, published a report highlighting Iran’s “defensive and military capabilities.”

Though US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin vowed to hold accountable “all” sides who had a part in the deadly Jordan incident, White House National Security Spokesperson John Kirby said Monday that Washington is not seeking conflict with Iran or regional escalation.

On Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi remarked that “the enemy cannot take any action against us because it knows that our forces are powerful and capable.”

“Previously...they used to talk with threats and military options on the table. But now, there are no such talks, and they say they have no intention of conflict with the Islamic Republic. It is the strength of our people and our armed forces that has created this deterrence,” he went on to say.

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