An undated photo showing a public hanging in Iran.

Iranian Official Media Say Operative Linked to Mossad Executed

Saturday, 12/16/2023

Iran's state media on Saturday reported the execution of an individual allegedly tied to Israel's Mossad intelligence service.

The official IRNA news agency stated that the individual had been actively engaged in communication with foreign services, specifically Mossad, while clandestinely gathering classified information.

The accused, in collaboration with unidentified associates, was said to have supplied documents to foreign entities, notably Mossad. In line with Iran's customary approach to security and political cases, the identity of the executed individual was not disclosed, posing challenges for independent verification.

According to IRNA, the executed individual had provided classified information to a "Mossad officer" with the alleged intention of disseminating propaganda for groups and organizations opposed to the Islamic Republic. The specific location of the purported information transfer was not detailed, and the timing of the operative's arrest remained unclear.

The execution took place in a Zahedan jail in the southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province and coincided with a recent attack by Sunni militants on a police station in the same region. The attack resulted in the death of 12 security personnel, with several others sustaining injuries. A state funeral for the victims unfolded in the town of Rask on Saturday, as reported by state television. Additionally, clashes following the attack led to the reported deaths of two militants affiliated with the Jaish al-Adl group.

Sistan-Baluchistan, a poverty-stricken province sharing borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan, has long been a focal point of confrontations between Iranian security forces and Sunni militants. The province's predominantly Sunni Muslim population stands in contrast to the Shiite majority in Iran, underscoring the complex dynamics at play in the region.

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