Political prisoner Zohreh Sarv

Iran's Exiled Prince Warns Political Prisoner Is 'In Danger'

Thursday, 12/14/2023

Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi has spoken of his fear for political prisoner Zohreh Sarv after her reported attempted suicide.

The prince, known for his activism against the Iranian government, warned her life is "in danger" and placed the responsibility squarely on the Islamic Republic.

Sarv is being held in Evin Prison and has been on hunger strike for several weeks, protesting against the deprivation of her rights. She is said to have taken pills in an attempt to take her life.

Pahlavi declared, "The responsibility for any incident that happens to Zohreh Sarv lies with the Islamic Republic and Ali Khamenei."

He urged Sarv to end her hunger strike and called for the unconditional release of not only Sarv but all political prisoners in Iran.

Pahlavi called on the international community, particularly the UN Human Rights Council and other human rights organizations, to escalate pressure on the Iranian government to release political prisoners. He said: "The struggle continues until the freedom of Iran and relies on your good health," referring to Zohreh Sarv's resilience and patriotism.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), based in the United States, reported that Sarv attempted suicide on Wednesday by ingesting pills. After receiving medical services in a hospital, she was subsequently returned to Evin Prison.

Sarv, 37, had been on a hunger strike since November 23, protesting against what she described as the "continued fabrication of cases, prevention of conditional release or furlough, and deprivation of the right to treatment."

Formerly known by the pseudonym "Mahfar," Sarv was released from prison in April 2021 after enduring 15 months of imprisonment and receiving 74 lashes. However, in September 2021, she was re-arrested on charges related to her participation in the "No to Vote" campaign and subsequently sentenced to six years in prison.

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