Iranian cleric and government official Abdolhossein Khosropanah

Iranian Cleric Says Most Actresses In Hollywood Are Victims Of Rape

Saturday, 12/09/2023

An Iranian cleric in charge of ideological enforcement claims that 94% of Hollywood actresses in the United States have experienced sexual assault and rape.

In a Saturday ceremony in Tehran, Abdolhossein Khosropanah, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, made the startling claim saying the statistic is the highest rate of violence against women in the US.

However, notable for his assertion was the absence of any source or evidence to support the claims. Khosropanah went on to state, "Human rights have been restricted to propaganda games," dismissing criticism of Iran's own violations.

His comments come in the wake of a recent UN General Assembly committee resolution that criticized Iran for various human rights violations, including discrimination against and harassment of women and girls. The resolution, initially introduced by Canada, condemned the Iranian regime's misogynistic policies and practices, urging Tehran to cease its discrimination against women.

Despite international criticism, the Iranian regime has continued to tighten legislation, particularly targeting hijab and 'chastity' laws. The crackdown coincides with a growing number of women in Iran rejecting the mandatory headscarf and restrictions on their public appearance. Surveillance has intensified, and recent tragic incidents, such as the death of 16-year-old Armita Geravand, echo the concerns raised by the Women, Life, Freedom movement, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini last year while in morality police custody.

Iran's MeToo movement has been active in shedding light on systemic sexual abuse within the country's legal system, with women facing constant threats of sexual violence both on the streets and in prison. 

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