A view from Kargan port in southern Hormozgan province

Attack On Protesting Fishermen In Iran's Kargan, At Least Two Dead

Sunday, 11/26/2023

Military forces have killed at least two and injured several others in the Iranian port city of Kargan, amid protests of fishermen fighting a trawling ban in the area.

In a years-long battle, the regime has prohibited fishermen from working in that part of the coast, instead leasing it to China. Amidst the country's dire economic situation, tensions continue to rise.

Rights group Haalvash claims two Afghans were killed with four others injured in the clashes, though other reports on social media have cited as many as seven deaths. It is as yet unconfirmed and unreported by any state affiliated media. 

Images circulated on Saturday show security forces firing upon citizens, and additional photos reveal snipers positioned on the minaret of the mosque.

The incident follows a prior military intervention on October 30, during which forces raided the port and set fire to fishermen's boats, marking a troubling pattern of violence in the region.

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