Israeli flag flutters in front of destroyed buildings in northern Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, November 17, 2023.

Iran International First Persian Language Broadcaster Reporting From Gaza

Friday, 11/17/2023

Iran International, the 24-hour news television channel broadcasting to Iran on satellite, was given entry into Gaza as the first Persian-language media.

The Israeli army permitted Iran International to visit Gaza and report on the developments of the Israel-Hamas war. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say that they have gained control over Gaza, but our correspondent heard sounds of gunfire, with Hamas forces said to be attacking from underground tunnels.

The Iran International news team entered Gaza in an Israeli military vehicle from the vicinity of a Kibbutz in southwestern Israel, which had witnessed the terror attack by Hamas on October 7th. This is the same route that Hamas militants used to enter the Kibbutz (Erez) and terrorize Israeli civilians.

Along the way, Israeli-plated vehicles, brought to Gaza by Hamas forces, can still be seen on the side of the road, the Iran International team reported. A black smoke covers the distance of Gaza city, and the sound of explosions continues incessantly.

An Israeli soldier told Iran International that although Gaza City is under the control of the army, the clearing operation is still ongoing, and sometimes Hamas militants open fire towards Israeli soldiers from their underground tunnels.

According to an Iran International correspondent, tens of thousands of residents from northern Gaza are moving towards the south of the Strip carrying white flags. Israeli forces are monitoring evacuations to prevent Hamas militants from stopping the process.

The report says that the extent of the war's devastation in northern Gaza is so severe that there is no place for life in this area, and it can be said that Gaza City has been destroyed.

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