Iranian sociologist Saeed Madani

Jailed Sociologist Calls For Resistance Ahead Of Iranian Elections

Tuesday, 11/14/2023

Saeed Madani, a jailed Iranian sociologist, has issued a statement from Evin Prison emphasizing the political opportunity for civil resistance in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

While the election Scheduled for March 1, Madani highlighted the chance to capitalize on the momentum of the 2022 uprising which has called for a nationwide shift away from the regime.

In February, Mousavi, from his confinement, called for the preparation of a new constitution to save Iran. Mousavi outlined the core principles of the new constitution within the framework of the Women, Life, Freedom movement.

Madani was sentenced to nine years in prison in January on charges of "forming and managing dissident groups against the system" and "propaganda against the Islamic Republic."

He called for international standards for the elections, expressing that “those advocating for change would support boycotting the elections if these standards are not met.”

Referring to the stance of Mir Hossein Mousavi, a leader of the Green Movement who opposes symbolic elections and advocates for a boycott, Madani asserted, "It is time for reformists to prioritize justice and truth."

The statement by the imprisoned researcher and national-religious political activist coincides with reports of widespread disqualifications of lawmakers critical of President Ebrahim Raisi's government. As of Sunday, approximately 40 current members of parliament and several former lawmakers or top officials were barred by the interior ministry from running in the elections.

The mass disqualifications have raised concerns among regime insiders about the potential for low voter turnout in the upcoming parliamentary elections.