Zahra Saeedianjoo

Repression of Iranian Protesters' Families Continues

Tuesday, 11/14/2023

Zahra Saeedianjoo, the sister of a protester who lost his life during the Women, Life, Freedom protests in Iran, has been arrested once again.

The arrest occurred three days before the anniversary of her brother's death. Fatemeh Heydari, sister of another victim of the nationwide protests, Javad Heydari, disclosed on Monday that Saeedianjoo was detained when the Islamic Republic forces forcefully entered their residence in Izeh, located in the southern part of Iran.

The arrest comes on the heels of news in mid-October, which reported Saeedianjoo's dismissal from her job and the reception of "death threats" from unidentified motorcyclists.

There is a growing concern about the intensified pressure from security forces on the families of individuals who lost their lives during the protests. Numerous reports have surfaced in recent days detailing efforts to hinder commemoration ceremonies for those who were killed.

In a related incident, Maysam Pirfalak, the father of Kian Pirfalak, an 8-year-old boy who lost his life in Izeh last year during the protests, made an announcement on November 9. Through a video posted on his Instagram page, Pirfalak revealed that the commemoration ceremony for his son took place a week earlier beside Kian's grave in the village of Parchestan in Izeh, amid what he described as "tightened security."

Further exacerbating the situation, reports from human rights media indicate the separate detentions of Mahnaz Tarrah and Shaqayeq Moradi, by security agencies in Tehran. The Follow-up Committee of Iranian Detainees reported on Tuesday that security forces conducted a search at Moradi's residence.

Mahnaz Tarrah, with a history of past detentions and enduring judicial sentences, was released from prison in February following the “amnesty” granted to some political prisoners.

As of now, no information has been made public regarding the reasons for the recent detentions and the charges brought against the two citizens.

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