Two reporters have been summoned to Evin jail in Tehran to serve sentences for their reporting during the 2022 Women, Life, Freedom protests.

They are required to appear in Branch One of the Evin Courthouse tomorrow to receive sentences of three years and six months in jail.

The charges include “conspiracy against the system”, “engaging in anti-establishment propaganda activities.” These vague charges are routinely applied not only to protesters, but critics or artists, writers and journalists who make statements contrary to regime’s agenda.

They also face two years of travel ban, and two years of prohibition from joining groups and political parties.

Zeinab Rahimi, an environmental journalist, has also revealed that a case has been initiated against her. The charges include "spreading lies and harming public chastity." Accompanied by her lawyer, Rahimi appeared in the Culture and Media Courthouse on Sunday. After being informed of the charges, she was released on bail pending the final verdict.

Mahnaz Moazen, a journalist and translator, is also still in custody and facing uncertainty five days after her arrest. Moazen was apprehended on Thursday by security forces and transferred to an undisclosed location.

Economic reporter Maryam Shokrani took to social media on Saturday, stating, "A new case has been filed against me in Branch 16 of the Culture and Media Courthouse in Tehran. I don't even know the subject of the complaint."

The International Federation of Journalists reports that during the uprising against the Islamic Republic which began last September, at least 100 journalists in Iran have been detained, with over 21 of them receiving sentences totaling 77 years in prison.

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