Iran's Qom University of Medical Sciences has imposed disciplinary sentences on a group of students for their involvement in a mixed-gender party.

Mehran Lachini, the secretary of the university's disciplinary committee, said that the actions were taken in response to “strong protests from fellow students and concerns about the promotion of immorality and lawlessness on social media.”

Amidst heightened security measures at campuses and increased scrutiny of students' belongings, Lachini further stated, "After conducting interviews and allowing the accused to present their defenses, the university's disciplinary committee decided to suspend the individuals from their studies for a duration ranging from one to four semesters." However, the identities and exact number of students involved were not specified in the report.

The move comes against the backdrop of growing pressure on students and reports of summoning and suspensions related to clothing, stemming from last year's nationwide protests following the death in morality police custody of Mahsa Amini.

Iranian universities have been witnessing increased unrest, exacerbated by the death of the 22-year-old Iranian Kurd whose death triggered the worst civil unrest in decades, led by students across Iran.

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