Iran’s police chief Ahmad-Reza Radan and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Infamous Iranian Police Chief Welcomes Sanctions as ‘Honor’

Thursday, 11/09/2023

Iran’s notorious police chief declared that being sanctioned by the US and the EU is not only an honor for himself but also for all military commanders in the country.

Ahmad-Reza Radan went on to express that, "becoming a martyr and being sanctioned are equally enjoyable for me."

Radan, appointed as Iran's police chief by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in January amid widespread anti-regime protests, has a controversial history. His track record as the former police chief of Greater Tehran, Kordestan, and Sistan-Baluchistan provinces raised immediate concerns upon his appointment.

The police chief gained notoriety during the 2009 post-election unrest, particularly for his role in the Kahrizak detention center, where young protesters, including children of state officials, fell victim to police brutality. Disturbing visuals of Radan's men running over protesters with police vehicles in Tehran further tainted his reputation.

The United States sanctioned Radan for human rights violations as early as 2010, and he has been blacklisted by the European Union. Despite international condemnation, Radan seems to view the sanctions as what he calls a “badge of honor", likening them to receiving an honorary medal for his service to the Islamic Republic's system.

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