Iran has renewed its threats to the United States, cautioning that if Washington fails to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza, there will be repercussions.

Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, Iran's Minister of Defense, emphasized the urgency, stating, "Our advice to the Americans is to immediately halt the war in Gaza and implement a ceasefire, otherwise they will be hit hard."

The warning comes amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza which began on October 7 when Iran-backed Hamas invaded Israel, murdering over 1,400 mostly civilians and taking more than 240 more hostage.

The US immediately defended Israel's right to defend itself and has offered military support, in addition to moving its war ships and 2,000 marines into the region.

Additionally, Mohammad Reza Naqdi (Naghdi), the Deputy Coordinator of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has added to the tensions by stating, "If Israel's crimes continue, we should strike America's interests," not mentioning its proxies' attacks on US facilities which have been ongoing in recent weeks in Syria and Iraq.

Iranian regime officials have consistently warned Israel of potential escalation should the attacks on Gaza not cease, and the death toll in the strip rises to over 9,000. Its Yemeni proxy, the Houthis, have already been sending missiles towards Israel, intercepted by Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, on Israel's borders, attacks from its proxies in Syria and Lebanon continue to ramp up, with action also seen from its militia in Iraq.

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