Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi

Regime Change In Tehran Can Solve Middle East Crisis - Exiled Prince

Sunday, 10/15/2023

Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi says the crisis in the Middle East can be solved by putting pressure on the regime, the engine behind numerous regional terror groups.

Pahlavi, who appeared on Fox News on Sunday, stated that the crisis in the region is a symptom of the cancerous Islamic Republic regime. “If you want to solve and cure the cancer, you have to take the eye of the octopus out and not just fight the tentacles. The ultimate solution is a regime change in Tehran,” he said, referring to Iran’s arms and logistics supply for Hamas -- and many other -- terrorist groups.

Calling for international action against the Islamic Republic over its threats to expand the conflict to "other fronts” against Israel, Pahlavi urged the freezing of Iran's funds that were recently unblocked from a South Korean bank. These oil revenues were frozen under US sanctions and are now held in Qatari banks as part of a prisoner exchange deal between Tehran and Washington.

Pahlavi, who has long campaigned for a secular and democratic Iran, said the US should implement stricter sanctions on Iran to curb Iran’s oil exports. The revenues will be spent on the regime’s “campaign of instability” vie its proxy groups, suppression of the people at home and advancement towards nuclear weapons. The sanctions on Iran's oil exports have been so laxly enforced that Iran's exports have reached record highs in recent months.

Pahlavi, who visited Israel this spring and met with senior officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, added that one of the main operatives behind the militant attacks is the Revolutionary Guards and called on the US to push its allies to designate the IRGC as a terror group.

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