Parts of Iran-made UAVs used by Russia against Ukraine, recovered in Ukraine

US Exhibits Iranian-Made Drones Recovered In Ukraine

Friday, 10/13/2023

Officials from the US military showed what they said were pieces of Iranians drones found in Ukraine to United Nations member states on Thursday. 

The event was held by the United States Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and attended by representatives from more than 40 countries, said the US mission to the UN. 

On display were debris including parts of Iranian drones Shahed 101, 131, and 136 that were used by Russia to attack Ukraine since October 2022. The exhibition provides evidence of strengthening ties between the Islamic Republic and Moscow, according to the Pentagon. 

“These are not replicas. These are the real thing,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Representative to the UN in her remarks

“These are the weapons of war that Iran has transferred to malign actors in violation of Resolution 2231 that are being used to decimate civilians and critical infrastructure,” Thomas-Greenfield added. 

US defence officials previously displayed pieces of Iranian drones recovered in Ukraine in Washington in August. 

Despite evidence, Tehran has been denying its supply of drones to Russia on numerous occasions. The US and the European Union have slapped Iran with sanctions concerning its supply of drones to Russia. 

Britain also took part in the event at the US mission to the UN, with officials also showing evidence of what they said were missiles and components with Iranian markings and serial numbers.

“Iran’s transfer of these drones is a grave threat to international peace and security,” said Thomas-Greenfield at the event. 

“And it’s going to take all of us, working together, to ensure the international community does the right thing and continues to hold Iran to account,” she added. 

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